Why We Love T-shirts!

The greatest discovery of World War 1, T-shirts are probably the best thing happened to clothing. A T- shirt looks like the most comfortable option to me whenever i dress up to leave either for work or just to hang out with my friends. No matter what you are; a geek, super hot chic, a sophisticated gentleman, gamer, programmer, blogger, foodie, fitness freak, art lover, lazy lad, environmentalist, and a lot more like that, you will always find that one right T-shirt that’ll say it out loud for you. Not just that, i recently realized that apart from making ourselves look ultra cool and labeling our special features we can do a lot more with T-shirts. Commercializing!

Guy working at google

This guy working like a horse at google still managing to look his best

Just like the farm and ranch workers  during the great depression sort refuge in T-shirts to cover their torso, the big corporates these days are also resorting to this miracle garment to dress them under a sheet of similar hood and create a unique community of their own. Most of the companies these days are creating a company culture by wearing T-shirts that read their name, shifting from formals to these easy to wear comfortable attire.  If you are a renowned company and still don’t have an official T-shirt you definitely aren’t as big yet!

Hubspot staff

Look how happy the team is! Hubspot provides one of the most effective marketing tool presently..

More over with ever changing trends in the marketing, this one is my favorite as it hasn’t yet been brought into practice much and has a lot of scope to be explored. The Customer to customer marketing through T-shirts. Our generation is a bit immune to the word of mouth now, i won’t go to a store just because my friend told me it has a great collection.But if i’ll see a stranger wearing something that is a signature of the store i might think into believing that it might be a famous stop. We don’t fall for anything unless we ourselves see them being followed. So simply put, if you are a company or a brand and you are able to roll out T-shirts to your customers to wear around then that could bring in a lot more trust and status for you. Your customer will wear a T-shirt that endorse you only if they are satisfied by your product or services and are proud to be connected with you. This kind of customer satisfaction i believe is an incredible acclamation for any venture.

This is why we chose T shirts as our mega product!! People say it is too mainstream to work on clothing, but i believe it is about how you use the same thing to bring about a great change! A vision tied up to a T-shirt can do wonders 🙂

Drop in your comments and Let me know your views over this . Also if you have a unique idea like this share it and let all know !!


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