What Is Missing? Meaningful Designs

Like many other days, today also i had this craving for getting some hot new collection stacked in my wardrobe. I went around to have a look at the new designs and trends that have raided the style stores this fall. My eyes particularly searched for some cool T-shirts, i just can’t get enough of them!!
So from one showroom to another i shifted in search of that one design which would batter its eyes at me and plead me to take it home in the most compelling way. But darn it! All i got to see was random flowers, birds and animals (believe me the most uninteresting ones). This is what one of them said :


That T-shirt itself is dying for somebody! I won’t wear that look.. Hell No!

Why on earth would i wear something that says that!
So yeah the search carried on for few more hours, that is when i realized how badly we need good design in the markets for young and vibrant people who’d want their clothes to about more stuff than just the “Darlings” surrounded by random flowers. Even if it is a text it can still look lovely with something more meaningful on it! And that is what our designers are on. Making designs that you could relate to be it games, coffee, partying, witty humor, trolls, college humor, superheroes, arm forces, you , your folks, folks of folks and a lot more.

Like this recent design from MOB’s much loved designing head, talks what i’d like people to listen from me !


I must mention my special love for this color!

Then i realize people like us sitting back home relate more to the shopper’s sentiments and with our efforts can create stuff you all would love to buy without a second thought!!
Loads of such designs are on the cards… Just a little more wait!

Tell us the kind of designs you’d want to wear. Fill in the comments with your amazing ideas! 😀


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