Starting From The Very Start- A Start-Up Story

I’ve always wanted to have a business of my own, even at the time when i had no idea what a business was. I grew up into a young passion driven “wantrepreneur” ( a term used for a wanna be entrepreneur) with less information in hand and tsunami of ideas gushing across my skull walls everyday. I knew the kind of business i’d like to run, the ethics, the work culture i’d incorporate in my team, everything was “All sorted out” for me. Till i realized that a start up is not about running a business. The main journey starts from the idea generation to that first step of execution where you actually get to solve this equation of ‘revenue – expenditure = profit’ for yourself. And damn… it is tiring! 

Reading piles of business journals, watching inspiring TED videos and crawling through the blogs like the one you are currently on, doesn’t quite make you any bit of an entrepreneur. When i realized this i knew i had to do some real stuff, put the idea into a working format.

if you can dream it, you can do it


One fine afternoon this idea of Mob flew into my mind which is a brand that hosts people’s designs on its products (clothes basically) and pay them in return for their contribution. I discussed it with my teammate from a Stanford course and he received the idea very well. He (now also the co founder) is a business enthusiast just like me and i must mention the amazing network of people he has which i believe is one of the major driving factor for a start up. The first pat of motivation came when he wished it to be the idea we’d work upon together. As they say two is a company, it is always better to have a team while working on a start – up. In this scenario the ideas are scrutinized well and often questioned which results to the refinement of thoughts. That day marked the beginning of the journey of this start – up story.


A lot of paper work followed this. We had to be ready with valid answers to every question that could come. Some people around have this habit of showing you the reality. They act rational and practical to an extent that they make you believe it is not going to work. But hey haven’t you heard – Everyone has a different reality and for a matter of fact whatever you believe in is the only reality! We believed this idea was the only reality for us and worked on it.

The idea was finally taking some shape. We worked on the initial written material which is the bible of a business – It’s business model. Easier said than done. While making a business model you have an in depth discussion about your idea and that is when you know if it is a pass or a fail. Our business plan luckily made us more adamant about our idea. We got down to the work of forming an initial designing team, the visual appeal of our idea was through them. That is when we got our designing team head, this amazing guy with a good 9-5 job in an IT industry but his love for designing proved to be a blessing for Mob. Following this we got another designer, a student from an architectural college, and i can’t help mentioning that he recently returned from a short trip to Sri Lanka (I find it thrilling maybe its the after effects of a movie i just saw on Sri Lankan communal violence).

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

We are a team of 4 currently, but we have stretched our limits to infinity. Keeping our senses open to every opportunity, even if it is knocking neighbor’s door we can’t afford to let go of anything. Working for long hours, super extended discussions, going through every possible website that is even loosely related to our idea, checking through the fabric detail of every cloth that is hanging in the stores, hunting for design ideas , trying to get in touch with experienced people and discussing our plans with them ; that is pretty much of what we are doing currently. And we love this routine. We are a start-up!!   

I’ll continue updating you with my Start-up experiences and will try to share the lessons that i’ll learn in this journey!!

Please leave your comments and share your experiences with me 🙂 It is always good to hear and learn from great people like you!!