Why Spending More On Tshirts Is Useless | Truth About Brands

Earlier this week I went on a visit to a factory which manufactures T-shirts for some of the most famous and expensive brands. Overwhelmed by the labels i heard they produced, i had an image of the T-shirts stored in a glossy glass shell with a mega spotlights focusing on that one precious piece of garment… and while lost in this imagination I happened to step on a T-shirt which later i was told was a Versace!  And yes I couldn’t tell, why? because there was no flashes, no shiny glass case, no glitters just a mere piece of fabric that didn’t even look high on quality. But then why whenever I saw it displayed in a showroom I suffered this unavoidable urge of possessing it?!? The reason is the 0.0025 $ label on it.

Prada Tshirt

A Prada Tshirt

We are driven by the notion that brands with a high price tag are unbeatable for its quality. I have always been a brand freak and have been a victim of this mindset since years, but after that trip to the T-shirt factory I woke up to the reality that brand and quality doesn’t always go hand in hand. For apparels like dresses or formal suits we can still rely on brand labels to use better fabric  for they have certain standards to keep up to. But with clothing item like a T-shirt, a little bit of treachery can be done as nobody cares about the fabric while buying a T-shirt. They are more focused on the designs and mostly the label it carries. So again blinded by the branding , we end up spending fortunes on a T-shirt  which originally costs probably nothing as compared to the price we pay.

Threadless tshirt

Not a Prada Tshirt! But i like it way more and it costs way less.. HEAVEN         Courtesy: Threadless

The recent article on dailyfinance has bolstered the fact by a video which shows an activity conducted by Hitchcock Partners, a branding agency, where a plain black T-shirt from seven different brands were displayed including a range from $5 Hanes to $280 Prada. The logos were hidden and the volunteers were asked to pick a T-shirt which they felt was the best in quality. The results were quite surprising as most of the volunteer went for $5 Hanes for the quality and were not that impressed with the expensive range that included brands like Versace. That explains a lot!

Now I don’t suggest that big brands have cheap quality of products, of course not. They still have certain amazing pieces of art that we’ll have to spend on to keep them in our collection. But for a clothing like T-shirts, it is actually foolish to spend that much. A T-shirt should pass by two marks of approval for you to buy it- A good fabric that is comfortable to wear and lasts long & An amazing design that draws attention. It isn’t hard to discover such brands which give you both and a little more too. The whole idea is to look great by spending wisely.

Are you a brand driven human or not?! do you justify going after brands?! Let us know …  Comment! 🙂